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Chord DI-P1 Passive Direct Injection Box



The Chord DIP1 Passive DI Box was superbly created for converting high impedance instrument outputs to low impedance line signals, which in turn, are then directly fed into a mixing console.

This Passive DI Box contains an internal Buffer Amplifier; further boosting the signal. Low impedance (Lo-Z) is capable of longer cable runs via XLR connection with lower signal degradation than high impedance. Comes equipped with 3 pad settings, RF/mains filter and selector for ground lift (with or without filter). If you’re searching for an Active Direct Injection Box – rather than a passive one, simply click here!

Product Features:

  • 3 Pad Settings for Level Matching
  • Ground Lift option isolates signal ground w/o filter
  • Ground Float option for ground lift with RF/mains filter


  • Weight: 234g
  • Input Impedance: >100k Ohms
  • Input: 6.3mm jack (Unbalanced)
  • Dimensions: 86mm W x 45mm H x 70mm D
  • Controls: 0/-20/-40dBu Pad & Ground-Float-Lift switch
  • Outputs: XLRM (Balanced), 6.3mm jack through (Unbalanced)
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